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80 20/02586/FUL PP-08991229 Mon 28 Sep 2020 Awaiting decision
Land At Oakdown Farm Winchester Road Dummer Basingstoke Hampshire RG23 7LR
"Oakdown Farm"

Cllr H Golding Petition:
(General Petition:

Site Video:
Demolition of three dwellings, out-buildings and related structures and construction of a storage and distribution warehouse including mezzanine floorspace (use class B8) with ancillary offices (use class B1) within Plot 1 of the site, with associated infrastructure works including site access, parking provision, landscaping, site reprofiling, drainage works and diversion of underground pipeline. Review application, watch video, respond to petition, ensure community benefit is delivered when:
* Outside Local Plan
* Mature BioDiversity loss: Includes removal of an avenue of 67 mature oak and 3 beech trees.
* No mitigation of emissions and warming
* No contribution to infrastructure
* Automated warehouse creates "few" low -paid jobs
79 20/02805/FUL | Thu 08 Oct 2020 | Decided
Land At Hounsome Fields Trenchard Lane Dummer Hampshire for 145 units

20/03484/VLA | Mon 07 Dec 2020 | Validated
Construction of electricity sub-station with parking space and associated landscaping and infrastructure works for 750 units

21/00815/ADV | Fri 05 Mar 2021 | Awaiting decision
Pressure Gas Station, Residential, Travellers Pitches

21/00993/RES |Wed 17 Mar 2021 | Registered
Advertisement on hoarding

21/01456/RES | Tue 27 Apr 2021 | Registered
Reserved Matters 15/04503/OUT for 143 residential units & infrastructure
"Houndsome Fields"

Approval of reserved matters for Phase A2 for the erection of 145 residential units of a mix of detached, semi-detached and terraced dwellings and flats; car parking and garages, internal access roads, footpaths, parking and circulation areas; footpath links and informal paths; public open space/amenity space; hard and soft landscaping; and other associated infrastructure and engineering works, in relation to outline permission 15/04503/OUT

Reserved matters application for the installation of pressure gas station (pursuant to outline permission 15/04503/OUT for up to 750 residential units, land for up to two pitches to accommodate Gypsies and Travellers, and a neighbourhood centre). Phase A1 Hounsome Fields

Erection and display of advertisement on hoarding (3 hoarding panels and 4 flags and flag poles) stating who the developers are and the type of homes the site will offer. Flags on flag poles showing the companies involved in the scheme Open for comment icon
* Review and exercise diligence on each application, ensuring infrastructure and community benefits
* Byout of golf course members and working golf course development
* Mature BioDiversity loss
* No mitigation of emissions and warming
* No contribution to infrastructure
78 Survey about what we want in Basingstoke Town Centre
Major chains and owner managed shops are disappearing from the High Street due to non-uk companies trading online without the cost of "bricks and mortar" driving online shopping and digital exclusion. If the centre is not "saved" then it will become flats. Respond to HemingwayDesign describing revenue and tourism solutions arising from leisure, housing, health and wellbeing, getting together with friends and family, education, eating out, culture, evening economy, transport, work and of course shopping. (takes 15mins max) Closed
77 Survey: Climate Planning and you Country's slow reaction to climate change emergency due to local plans doesn’t go nearly far enough with levels of public engagement too low to achieve a zero carbon future. Respond to this Centre for Sustainable Energy and Town and Country Planning Association survey to be provided to Policy Makers involved in the English planning system Open
76 Petition: Nature Recovery by 2030
Natural environment has become a monculture due to use of chemicals and habitat loss affecting endangered species.
The Environment Bill had the first day of its report stage on Tuesday 26 January 2021. Amendments can be made to the Bill at Report Stage. Amendments to be considered are selected by the Speaker. Let the Government know it has to set meaningful binding targets that they can be judged against.
The Prime Minister has called on world leaders to turn round nature’s decline by 2030. But there’s no commitment in law to do the same here at home. The Environment Bill is the last chance to set this right.
By writing the recovery of nature into law, the Environment Bill could start to address the nature and climate crisis
7,055 away from our target of 75,000
75 HCC Local Transport Plan (LTP4)
In the last 12 months the County Council has completed its 2050 Vision Commission of Inquiry. It has also signed up to the Climate Emergency which has far-reaching implications across the delivery of its services. There is a need to plan ahead for how our transport system should develop over the next 30 years to ensure that it helps to meet these wider priorities and enables Hampshire to continue to prosper whilst our economy and population grow
(will replace LTP3).
Before using the weblink, review the Local Transport 18 page consultation pdf document
Targets must be adopted to drive delivery, reduce emissions and warming, improve economy, access to work, environment, health and wellbeing
"by" 28 February 2021
74 DEFRA "Sustainable" Use of Pesticides in Draft National Action Plan
Minimising the risks and impacts of pesticides to human health and the environment, while ensuring pests and pesticide resistance are managed effectively with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and sustainable crop protection, in line with Defra’s 25 Year Environment Plan. Opened 4 Dec 2020
Closes 26 Feb 2021
73 HM Government BEIS: Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR)
£100 million in funding over the next four years for Bioenergy for Drax Power Station Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS), would lead to increased forest destruction and the conversion of large areas of land to monoculture tree plantations to power station wood to burning. Also increases all the destructive elements of large scale biomass and loses vital time to actually reduce carbon emissions to address the climate crisis.
Diverts money from afforestation, rewilding and soil recovery. Need to move policy and funding away from dirty biomass and fossil fuels and take steps to protect and restore natural ecosystems.
"until Feb 26th"
72 Permitted Development Rights
Deregulation enables change of use to more profitable uses, often residential, rather than enabling a greater range of uses to diversify and support our high streets and centres Respond and support saving our High Streets but oppose conversion of commercial buildings to cramped living space substandard flats bypassing BDBC Building Control
3 December 2020 to 28 January 2021
71 Land North of M3 J7 Consultation Not in Local Plan? Taking crop fields, unnecessary warehousing ignoring existing empty factory units, reducing quality of life in Dummer & North Waltham
"until" January 2021
70 Climate Change and Air Quality Strategy
Warming causing more extreme weather deaths
Pollution causing species loss and food chain damage
Too many unmanaged vehicles causing poor air quality
Action/buildings/transport/zero carbon electricity/waste & consumption/natural environment Closed
69 Local Plan Update Issues and Options Consultation Web > Email > People must feel there is real engagement so they see the everyday impact of the decisions are cognizant of their suggestions so they are made to feel they can make a difference by being involved – this requires two way participative involvement in a similar style to The Innovation in Democracy Programme (IiDP). The success of the Plan requires involvement by and from all communities:
Cramming, not joined up, no new infrastructure, increasing pollution, green space/water/trees access, cramped living space, degraded nature water/soil
Respond during Monday 28 September 2020 until Monday 9 November 2020.
Follow-up to confirm if taken onboard
68 Roads Enforcement and Safety Survey In 2018, 1,784 people were killed on Britain’s roads – this included 456 pedestrians and 48 children. In addition, 25,511 people were seriously injured Feedback to Police & Crime Commissioners setting their priorities
Closes end September 20
67 Basingstoke Gateway Cramming the site at M3 J7 without regard to J6 and traffic circulation through Basingstoke Live Q&A Event
Tuesday 15th September at 7pm
66 HCC Residents' Forum called "Hampshire Perpectives" People from all walks of life are being invited to join the forum, known as Hampshire Perspectives to help shape the delivery of essential services and support the county to get ‘back on its feet’ post COVID-19.  The only criteria for this initiative are that you must be over 18 and live in Hampshire. Open
65 HCC Active Places Survey
understanding what it is like to walk, scoot, cycle and use a wheelchair, mobility scooter and/or pushchair in Hampshire day-to-day transport e.g. getting to work, the shops or school.

Hants Covid Travel Map updated to include Active Places Survey
Closes 11.59pm on Monday 21st September Closed
64 Cycle Lanes for young people Reporter making a film for the BBC's younger/ digital audiences about the popularity of cycle lanes and centering the film on Southampton.
I'm looking for a case study who uses the city's cycle lanes
See HCC Active Places Survey above Closed
63 BAME Inquiry Call for evidence Maria Miller MP has launched a local inquiry into the lived experiences of members of the Basingstoke community who are from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background Your evidence of good and bad experiences to be shared with decision makers to tackle systemic racism
Ends 31st July 2020
62 Local Flood & Water Management Strategy Rainwater Collection & Flooding Opened 13th May
Ends 12th July
61 Winklebury Regeneration & Playing Fields
The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has given councils within England, additional funding for open spaces and parks. All comments are now being considered and a final design will be drawn up. It is anticipated that the new facility will be completed by the end of March 2020. Closed
60 Basingstoke Libraries Closing Chineham and South Ham libraries Ends 18th March 2020 Closed
59 Modernising Hospitals
FREEPOST Hampshire Together
Vision & Delivery Patient Care
Upgrade the District General Hospital or build a new hospital on another site (J7?)
"Listening" Document
9am 18th March 2020
June & July 2020
58 Building Regs Part L & F building-regulations-for-new-dwellings Watering down of quality and safety in pusuit of profit Ends 7th February 2020 Closed
57 Housing & Homeless Strategy Covers period 2020 to 2024 and topics of homeless, quality of housing, place shaping, future proofing, and climate change Ends 17th January 2020 Closed
56 Enterprise M3 Transport Strategy
Economic growth, transport, cars, congestion, emissions, air quality Ends 10th January 2020 Closed
55 War Memorial Park Improvements to play equipment Ends 5th January 2020 Closed
54 Southampton Airport Expansion Airport expansion with lack of frequent flier tax Extended 3rd January 2020
Ends 31st December 2019
53 BDBC Council Plan 2020-2024 Council Plan & Funding & Cuts Ends 1st January 2020 Closed
52 Housing Strategy Housing & Homeless 2020 to 2024 five priorities:
Preventing homelessness
Eradicating rough sleeping by 2024
Housing choice and quality
Tackling climate change and future proofing housing
Place shaping (area and environment)
On 26th December 2019 Closed
51 Basingstoke Police Priorities Police Independent Advisory Group:
Neighbourhood Policing Team Public Priorities
To become more inclusive the IAG need different views at the heart of their decision making Closed
50 Barton Stacey A303 Incinerator Chimney Flume covers Overton + Wildlife destruction + Water pollution + Traffic Ends 12th December 2019 Closed
49 Memorial Skate/BMX/Parkour Consultation>skate-parkour-bmx Adding Parkour to half-pipe
Drop-In 15th August
Ends 15th September 2019 Closed
48 Heathrow Future Have Your Say Heathrow Airport cannot be expanded now we have a declared Climate Emergency. Start here and stop environmental destruction :-)
2.5M consultation forms:
Effects of expansion
Environmental Impact
Reported issues:
Extensive Disruption to M25
Removing a village
Relocating the Waste Facility
18th June to 13th September 2019 Closed
47 Beggarwood Golf Course SPD
Development guidelines document for development on the Golf Club buyout site and increase in Winchester Road traffic Unitil 5th August 2019 Closed
46 County Balancing their Budget budget Your priorities for cuts especilly to vulnerable people's support Midnight 11:59pm on 17th July 2019 Closed
45 Manydown MDA Expected to generate extra 5K to 10K vars on the road system with asserted 80% car travel mode Standard Expiry Date: Mon 11 Feb 2019
Agreed Expiry Date: Wed 31 Jul 2019
Statutory Expiry Date: Wed 21 Jun 2017
44 Pavement Parking Inquiry Not illegal to park on the pavement except in London By 14th May 2019 Closed
43 Council Budget
Council Tax & funding priorities
(was Medium term financial strategy)
until 3 January 2021 Closed
42 Austen Academy Special School www.hants/ The new school is being established following a successful bid by the County Council to the Department for Education as a result of the rise in demand for special school places. The new school will cater for 125 children aged 5-16 who have social and communication difficulties. Before 4th February 2019 Closed
41 Age related TV License No more Free TV for over 75? Before 12th February 2019 Closed
40 Basingstoke Transport Strategy
Town Centre Access, Public Transport, Walking, Cycling and connections From 28th Nov 2018 to 28th Jan 2019 Closed
39 Draft Heritage Supplementary Planning Document Supporting Document: Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening and Habitats Regulations Assessment by midday on 14 January 2019 Closed
38 Residential Care Survey Care Options information to Users, Family & Friends Before 14th Dec 2018 Closed
37 Basingstoke District Community Policing Borough Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPT) and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Before 12th Dec 2018 Closed
36 Basingstoke Main PO Counters going into WHS Shop Insufficient space in WHS Shop By 12th Dec 2018 Closed
35 Hampshire 2050
electric and autonomous cars County Activities & Infrastructure By 23rd Nov 2018 Closed
34 Plastics Recycling closure Closing recycling bins By 17th Oct 2018 Closed
33 Leisure Park Regeneration Loss of existing providers, inclusion of retail, increased flooding on Saunder's Field On 5th, 6th, 7th Oct 2018 Public Exhibition requesting feedback Ongoing
32 Brighton Hill Roundabout Improvements Consultation Closing Western Way & Routing via Camrose 3 September 2018 to 1 October 2018. Closed
31 Basingtoke Clean Air request Royal College of Physicians Annual 40K preventable deaths
30 Landscape, Biodiversity and Trees. Consultation…/fpt/spd/lbtspd/lbtspd Appearance, Maintenance and Cost By 17th Sep 2018 Closed
29 Landscape, Biodiversity and Trees Consultation SPD supports the delivery of the Basingstoke and Deane Local Plan 2011-2029 by 4pm on Monday 17 September 2018 Closed
28 Thornycroft Roundabout Improvments Consultation Additional lanes & allowing for 3000 homes at ManyDown 1 July to 13 August 2015
Thursday 13 September 2018 12pm to 7pm
27 Basingstoke Horizon 2050
2x current population
Borough Activities & Infrastructure By 19th Aug 2018
Tuesday 4 December 2018 until Sunday 13 January 2019
Passed to BASP
26 Request for Inquest Air Pollution cause of Premature Death?
25 Combustible Materials Ban Grenfell Tower 15,165 signatures on 1st Dec 2018 Closed
24 Homeless Consultation Reducing day centre support Before 10th Aug 2018 Closed
23 Passenger Consultation & Switch off Street Lights Reducing bus subsidies and street lights off in residential areas Before 5th Aug 2018 Closed
22 Ward Boundaries changing again More Residents in Electoral Wards affects councillor workload and service provision By 7th May 2018
Published 5th March 2019
21 Short Break Activities for Parents & Carers Disabled Children's Short Break Activities Programme April 2019 -> From 12th March to 3rd June 2018 Closed
20 Protect Heritage Lottery Funding for Parks 2.6 billion annual visitors suffering severe cuts to parks services 22nd March 2018
227,320 of 300,000
19 County & Unitary Authorities combined authorities, elected mayors and unitary local government in Hampshire By 20th Sept 2016 Closed
18 Save Our Old Common
Moving the Camrose Football ground to the Old Common By 12th Oct 2014 Closed
17 elected politician insufficient effort investment to halt human inflicted devastation Petition to be presented to the European Parliament calling for legislation By 22nd January 2014
Endorsed 23rd Mar 2015
16 Flood Risk Water Management
By 31st Jan 2015 Closed
15 River Basins Water Management Catchment Collection and Purity By 31st Jan 2015 Closed
14 Decouple Saunder's Fields from Unconsulted Development Area-Wide flood risk
13 Camrose football ground move Moving to the Old Common beside Costello School By10th Oct 2014 Closed
12 Old Down & Beggarwood a Local Nature Reserve Spaces for People and Places for Wildlife.
Wildlife Group & Conservation Volunteers to face a road through their site
1808 Signatures Closed
11 National Flooding Put Britain's Flood Victims First
10 Save Ancient Woodands Ancient woodlands now only cover 2.6% of England
9 Victory Roundabout Pocket Park Grass, planting, trees, art & bench By 5th Jan 2014 Closed
8 Top of the Town Benches planters & bins By 9th Oct 2013 Closed
7 Licensing Policy Late night levy, cleanup & prosecution
6 Green Infrastructure Assessing deficiencies & improvements By 23rd Mar 2012 Closed
5 Village Greens Registering Village Greens as Open Spaces By 17th Oct 2011 Closed
4 Water White Paper challenges facing the water industry around maintaining water supplies By 30th Nov 2010 Closed
3 Blue Badge access/blueBadge/reform/consultation/. Applying for planning permission for parking bays By 2nd July 2010 Closed
2 Banking Reform Responsible Banking By 30th Sept 2009
1 Parliamentary Petitions List of local topical issue petitions See list Ongoing
V19 28 Apr 21